3 Habits You Can Practice in September

12/09/2014 17:17

I love September! It is the time when everything starts and all rush is back after the summer break. Kids go to school, schedules of public transport are back to normal and me and my co-workers start working in our usual tempo. Summer is slowly saying goodbye and fall kicks off the productive time.


Summer is a special time. I feel like most of us use the summer break months to do something we have not done during the entire year – to finally have a rest, to finally have time to think of our business, to finally visit that country, to finally catch up with friends etc. etc. In the end I feel how people around me change their behavior and do things which they usually don’t do. In some sense, summer is fake. We are waiting for it whole year to do something, to be somebody. But I don’t blame anybody; it is supposed to be that way – enjoy the summer, that special time.


Genuinely, the more I enjoy my summer break months, the more I’m looking forward to fall. September is the bridge month for me, which I use to reboot and revise my plans. Here are the 3 important habits which I practice before fall comes:


1)      I increase my meditation time.

I have been practicing meditation for a while now. I’m far from mastering it, but I simply do my best to calm my soul and make order in my thoughts (or sometimes I try not to think at all). It is empowering and refreshing. I do it more starting from September, because all coming rush can be harmful for us. This is helping me to cope with possible stress and be ready for upcoming challenges. If you are not into meditation, find another way of how to relax yourself – walk around the city, go to gym and do some yoga, read a book, watch movies…


2)      I have more of ‘me’ time

Comparing to summer, I spend less time at social events. I’m rather introverted enjoying time with myself. This is because I easily absorb energy of people around me. And this disturbs me from what I want to accomplish. If you are like me – emotional sponge (google it ;) – be careful. When you attempt to focus on sth or finish your work, it is going to be difficult for you when being surrounded by other people. You may absorb their energy. If they are not on the same frequency like you, you will inevitably clash and you won’t be able to finish anything. Therefore, enjoy your ‘me’ time in your privacy.


3)      I revise my career plans

I review my career plans throughout the year. But September is my big revision month. I literally put my plans on a piece of paper and set up a couple of goals. First, I evaluate where I stand right now. Second, I think of what is left until the end of the year. And third, I imagine myself in the upcoming year: Where do I see myself? In the new role, with new tasks, with new people… Do your revision whenever you want. September does not have to be your month. But make sure you evaluate your current career position and developments at least once a year.


These are in a nutshell main points of my September routine. I do all of it during the entire year, but September adds on intensity. I like it, I enjoy it and I hope you will too!





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