3 Hints for Your Personal Dress Code

07/08/2015 20:25

I don’t fancy judgmental statements people tend to have about the way you look or dress. There is certainly no need to shop for the most expensive outfits in order to be ‘trendy’ at work unless you really want to. But be aware that the way you dress up to work will always influence the perception on you. The tailor makes the man!


I summarized for you in 3 points why I believe dressing up appropriately to work matters. And more – how you can use your personal dress code to positively influence your career.


  1. Give a statement…

To me this whole topic is about demonstrating your attitude. There is no good or bad, your dress code is simply who you are and it sends the message to your co-workers, clients or manager. This is especially important for more special occasions such as a formal meeting, a dinner with a customer or an interview. By the way you dress up, you are showing your level of respect, engagement or enthusiasm. You are showing how you care about your client or about your new career opportunity. In other words, if you want to be taken seriously, you have to dress up seriously. Remember there is always a statement you send out there. Be aware of it and send the correct one!

  1. Suit up for the role you want, not for the role you actually have…

I got this advice from the book ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office’ by Lois P. Frankel and it proven to be right. There’s no need for everybody to get into a prime store and get the most exclusive suit. At the same time do not feel like you cannot wear a nice (and even an expensive) suit just because you are just a trainee at the moment. Wear what you like and even think of what would you wear if you were in the next level position? Would you suit up more? No need to wait, just do it now! You will certainly leave an impression.

  1. Treat your work as a special occasion…

Why don’t we treat our work as a special time in the day? I’ve been once to a formal meeting and the project manager looked like she confused the meeting with a Sunday brunch. Her appearance confused me. Your work is not a catch up with your friends. Of course, if an informal dress code is the part of your company culture – fair enough. Otherwise, give yourself time each morning to dress up appropriately for the work you do. When I do that, I always feel like there is something special waiting for me that day. Try it; maybe you will feel the same!





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