Don’t Hesitate to Apply for a Senior Role! It Can Serve Your Career.

26/12/2014 18:40

Applying for a senior role can be good for you even though you know you are probably gonna fail in the application process. The fact that you are going to fail and you have to deal with that failure can be actually very important part of your youth career planning.


Here are some of my thoughts why I found it useful in my own career:


  1. You will prepare like never

Since you are aware of the level of seniority of that role, you will dedicate a lot of time to preparation. I remember when I was applying for a very senior role; I paid attention to every single detail. My preparation was massive, since I did not want to miss anything. I wanted to be ready for any question. I probably could not have prepared well enough for that interview. But importantly the very same preparation then served me as a preparation for any future roles I applied to.

  1. You will show your ambition

Showing your ambition especially in your current organization should be the essential part of your career plan. It is like networking – you tell everybody around what you are interested in, you show off a bit, demonstrate some skills and the areas for development. In other words in the best case scenario you show your good potential. As a consequence you may end up in the spot light of a couple of well positioned managers who can help you with your future career planning.

  1. You will learn how to accept a rejection

Accepting a rejection ain’t easy, so it won’t hurt to get a little ‘training’ in this area. Be ready that rejection does not always come in a comfortable way. I remember once I was applying for a role I really wanted. I spent weeks preparing for a telephone interview. I spoke to several people whom I asked for an advice, including those involved in the interview. And then I got rejected with a standard email message. That was it. None of those people I spoke to really bothered to drop me a line. I must say I felt nearly offended and hugely disappointed. Indeed, I had different expectations about the process. But well – rejection is rejection. In the end you have to accept it, take the positive side of it and move on.

  1. You will receive a valuable feedback

Most likely you will receive a feedback on your performance during the interview. You will learn about any weaknesses you need to work on and strengths that stand out. And if this is not the case and no feedback is coming, do a little summary for yourself. Ask yourself: How would I evaluate my performance?


I hope you found this useful. Good luck with applying for senior roles!





Discussion: Don’t Hesitate to Apply for a Senior Role! It Can Serve Your Career.

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