Don’t Waste Your Time on Holiday

17/08/2014 21:46

I had a nice relaxing holiday. It was mostly about lying on one Turkish beach - dolce far niente! But still, I felt a deep urge to fill in my free time. And I did so wisely. Unfortunately, when looking around I realized my fellow holiday spenders were doing quite the opposite - wasting their time.

I agree - your vacation is your well-deserved time off; time to recharge your batteries. But let's not waste it for useless activities. I remember that sight when I looked around the beach once: I saw people reading the worst tabloid newspapers with latest gossips about Czech celebrities. I was wondering what kind of value this could bring to them.

Why is it so difficult for some of us to focus on our values and personal development when we are taking a break from work? I guess those who follow tabloids with excitement don't care of personal development anyway. But for those who do care, please let's be ambassadors of good habits during our vacation time:

1)      Read that book you have not been able to finalize for a while. In my case it was '7 Habits of Highly Effective People'. It is still unfinished, but I'm on my way.

2)      Buy some value adding magazine at the airport. I grabbed Czech issue of Forbes and got inspired for example by a couple of stories of Czech start-ups.

3)      Have a though about your current plans. I summarized for myself where I would like to go with my career, what are my upcoming milestones and what are challenges I may need to face.

In sum, thanks to these habits I feel refreshed, inspired and ready to come back to work with fresh thoughts. I'm ready to roll! I wish you have the same vacation experience.