Dream Job – a Sustainable Career Goal

19/12/2013 21:46

A dream job seems to be one of these iconic things everybody speaks about, but nobody has ever seen it. Well in my view, a dream job is reachable and even concretely definable. More, it should be our sustainable career goal!


When aiming for a definition of dream job, we encounter a slight issue in the very beginning – a dream is an unreal notion. What is just a dream, is not based on a real background. But dreams become true, so there has to be the way, how to find a dream job as well. Let’s try to shift our thinking and place ‘a dream job’ in a very realistic background. To make this easier, we may try to come out with a strict description.


What about this one? When I was looking for my first full time job, I run into this illustration which led me in my job search:

Image source: https://manaiakalani.blogspot.cz/2011/06/dream-job.html


Based on this idea, dream job seekers should be aware of what they are good at, what they love to do and then simply look for particular roles which enable them to use their talent and remain passionate about it. It sounds too easy, but in reality this is exactly what our dream job should be about. Your dream job should not be about perfection; we are not looking for the perfect job. We are looking for the point in our career when we feel we are on the right path; when we feel that what we are doing actually makes sense to us.


In its very essence, I don’t want us to look at our dream jobs as something unrealistic. I want us to look at our dream jobs as something present in our everyday life. Something usual and reachable. A dream job is something which all of us should be doing. If you cannot say right now you are doing your dream job, try to look at it from diverse angles:


Shift your thinking

Maybe you are going through some hard time. Young generations frequently do not feel stimulated enough at workplace and they consequently get bitter, bored and in the end look quickly for other opportunities. Instead of getting bitter once again, try to use the above illustration and shift your thinking to the right direction. Look at your current situation as your personal challenge, an opportunity to learn, find gaps which have not been filled yet, start-up something new at your workplace etc. It is all about attitude, especially during hard times. Always think whether you are getting the best of yourself under the current circumstances. And if you know you have used all your options, move on to get closer to your ultimate career goal.


Widen your opportunities

Sometimes roles you would fit in are just not available. Remember there is always another way how to get the job – create one! Some of us have clear entrepreneurial mind and ability to set up own business. This ain’t easy, but it is clearly an option you should consider. You may look for some employment first to gain necessary experience. Later when you feel ready you can do another step. In any case, you shall always be open to several opportunities which are meeting your current state of mind, experience, knowledge or skills. And these opportunities are at the right time your dream jobs.


This all may sound very easy and plain, but to achieve your ultimate career goals requires guts. So don’t be afraid to do mistakes when doing your dream job search. Mistakes are only opportunities to learn. Wrong choices shape you and make you realize what works better for you. And yes, when you are young it may take a while to get the right understanding of what you are (or will be) good at and what you actually like to do. Go and try different things, there is no better way how to find out. The earlier you start, the earlier you make it to your dream job.


Good luck!



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