Get Excited about Start-ups

29/11/2015 21:02

I recently spoke to my friend Adam. We used to work for the same company and during this year he has gone through many career changes. In the end of his journey he ended up working for a start-up. Guess what? He is extremely happy about it. And here’s why.


You have more freedom

Career in start-up can offer much more freedom. You are not bound by any corporate rules and processes, because you are actually just creating processes and new tools yourself. This can be very challenging, yet it will boost your creativity. If you are naturally creative person, an informal start-up environment might be the one which you are looking for.


You will learn

Since you have to create most of what makes a good stable firm by yourself, you learn during the process. This may come handy anytime in future; perhaps when you decide to set up own company.


You will feel valued

Start-ups are generally small business made up of a few people who feel passionate about their cause. If you offer them a value (this can be either your experience or simple excitement and willingness to go an extra mile), they will value you back. And feeling valued can be one of the biggest motivators one can have.


It’s more fun!

Since you can be creative, your working environment is rather informal and you are learning a lot, it is ultimately more fun!


Now, I’m not a fool. I can imagine that working for start-ups brings many drawbacks; the main one being certain insecurity. Anything can go…well…not according to your plan. Yet I believe for some of you, this will be the main advantage. That feeling that not everything is completely stable. That feeling that you do not have the career path written ahead of you. Make up your mind, this opportunity will surely offer a great adventure.





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