How to be Self-Aware and Adapt to Change

16/05/2014 09:22

I have recently spoke to my friend Eva and she brought to my mind some ideas I need to share with you. A couple of months ago Eva had taken a risky decision. She left her job, which she loved, and moved to another country with her partner. She has never been there, did not speak the language and at the beginning had no security of finding a job. Guess what? She found it!


Starting from a total scratch is never easy, especially if you are in the environment which is not known to you. It requires real guts to make such decision, which certainly Eva has always had J. But it also requires two more attributes – one is a good level of self-awareness and the second is healthy expectations and an absolute adaptability to change. And Eva could exercise both.


Self-aware job-seekers know where they are heading, what their transferrable skills are and how they would like to use them. Eva has had the advantage of having already experience in the business which gave her a concrete skillset and background and luckily is well established pretty much anywhere – hospitality industry. So when looking for a job in another country she already had defined for herself the pool she would like to search in. She knew she could rely on a couple of hotel industry contacts and set up her interviews. She heard only ‘No’ at first, mainly because of her non-existing local language skills. But in the end it was a clear self-awareness, determination and ability to present her vision which got her the final offer.


Hence, self-awareness is your basic starting point before you head for job-search. But it won’t get you the job as such. Eva’s main asset were her healthy expectations. She quickly realized that a nice resume and good knowledge of the business won’t lead to victory this time. She knew that without proper language skills she couldn’t have expected an offer for a similar position she used to occupy. Therefore, she accepted what was possible under the current circumstances. She proved she could adapt to the change and now simply trusts the process. If she was not able to take such position, her job-search would be very much limited and right now she would be probably frustrated without any job for many months.


This is not to say, that you shall accept whatever role that comes across to you. This is to say – stay on the ground, be self-aware and evaluate your current circumstances and adapt to that change. This simple switch in your attitude will ease your job search and allow you to feel much more relaxed.


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