I Wish Had Done This in My 20s

23/10/2015 13:03

I just turned 30! To me it represents a milestone. I started to think: What would I recommend to those who are still in their 20s? Is there something I wish I had done? Honestly, such thinking is not compliant with my personal philosophy. I think you make your choices, learn from your mistakes and that’s how you move forward in your life. But there is one thing I’d do if I could go back to my 20s – use funding opportunities for youth projects.

Such opportunities are usually reserved for folks under 26 (at least in my part of the world). So generally for people who are max finishing grad school or are freshly graduated. In other words – ISIC card holders! I don’t know how about you, but I wish I were under 26 again and used those opportunities. They are awesome!

Usually you can prepare a project as a group or an individual and get some funding, e.g. from some organization or company. European Union (https://www.welcomeurope.com) offers multiple funds, though in order to get them you may need to be required to come at 1:47 am in front of the Main Office and dance Gangnam style dressed in a costume of penguin! Well, maybe it is not so bad. In the end I remember it was not so difficult to get my Erasmus stipend when I was at college. But be prepared at least for mild bureaucracy.

If you want to avoid bureaucratic turmoil connected with NGOs or international organizations, then you may look for opportunities in private sphere. Many companies can offer some great funding and may be also more flexible in terms of your topic. For example in the Czech Republic we have O2 Smart Up (https://www.o2smartup.cz, sorry only in Czech). And there are plenty of others in your respective countries. Just Google it!

Why I wish I had used such opportunity? Although it is just one time event, such opportunity can turn into something bigger. Imagine you get funding for a sport event. It goes well, you show off in front of your future customers, create a net of contacts…Who knows, if you are persistent enough and devote your idea some of your precious time, maybe you keep organizing sports events and attract more customers. It becomes profitable and you have a business of your own creating job openings for others.

And that is why active seaking of opportunities for youth funding is something I wish I would do when I was in my 20s!






PS: Do you have some ideas, links related to youth opportunities? Please share them below in the discussion. 

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