Lessons Learned from Speed Dating

15/06/2014 12:49

The title of this post implies I’m going to discuss a topic somewhat different from all the others. But don’t get confused this is really not going to be about romance and dating advice! Speed dating practice can actually provide us with some great skills for job hunting.


First of all, speed dating is definitely a great way how to meet bunch of new people. Whether you end up in a romantic relationship or not is not the point actually. You just get out of your comfort zone and open up to the possibility that there are actually some other people (apart from those you already know) you can meet. There is no chance to hide yourself, like for example on internet dating. You need to have guts to come and expose yourself. Then you have just a couple of minutes to speak to people sitting opposite to you. That’s it. If you would like to see the person again, you circle them and chances are that if they circle you as well, you get a match and you can take it from there.


And here is where I like to see the link with our job hunting skills. Put it into your career perspective and imagine you have just 4 minutes to say something about yourself, to catch somebody’s attention, so that the person actually wants to see you again. Knowing that, what would you say? What kind of qualities would you highlight? What would be your story? Would you say the same story to everybody or would you alternate it? What is the picture about yourself you would like them to see?


I’m not 100 % sure if we are actually used to ask ourselves such questions. We don’t have answers ready! Answers to the most basic questions which drive our careers. Maybe if we could get into a speed dating mind set every time there is a new networking opportunity, we would end up with desired results.


Let’s start with some preparation. Sit down with a piece of paper, answer the questions and get a clear picture about yourself. Perhaps create a short 4-minute story you would like to tell about yourself. Do not settle with just 1 version, create more.


In the end at speed dating you shall be natural. I don’t believe you shall do a careful preparation and be ready to sell yourself for a relationship. But in our careers we have to find the way, how to present ourselves and create own brand. We strive to find the way how to make ourselves visible and accountable. Not knowing answers to the most basic questions will prevent us from some great career opportunities. Therefore, let’s have a speed dating mind set and be ready to tell our stories!


Have fun with it!



Discussion: Lessons Learned from Speed Dating

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