Life Is a Game of Choices

28/09/2014 11:06

“I have no other choice.” Have you heard that line before? I did; unfortunately many times from people who are close to my heart. When one feels like not having a choice in any area of their life, it ultimately means a lack of freedom. No freedom means no possibilities, no chances to move on. You are locked in your current situation. Trust me, you can do better than that!


You always have more than one choice. Full stop! Life is a game of choices. The difficult thing is that choice is about accepting the consequences. We like to speak of no choice when the consequence of such choice would be rather negative or simply too challenging. Like leaving the job or partner you love. Think of this: Positive outcomes don’t prevent us from making our choices. We go for it. There is a job which fits you or a task you would like to do? You go for it...without any doubt. But once the outcome would lead us into a slight conflict, we back up and say: “Aaah, I have no other choice.”


I don’t say that making your choice is always easy. Somebody who is obliged to work for a family company instead of choosing career of their own feels like not having any choice. If they chose to reject that family role, their family would stop supporting them. Well…as though as this may sound, this is indeed also their choice. And everybody in such position is free to make this choice.


Let's think of our basic daily choice: Everyday of our life we are choosing whether to live or die. You may feel like we have no option but to live. But you are wrong! You are choosing to live. Remember that many people on this planet chose the opposite. Anything you are doing right now is happening because you chose it. And if you feel like other people made that choice for you, this exact thing was also your choice.


Therefore, stop being cowards and take responsibility for what you choose in your life; your career, your partner, your education or a new hobby. I guarantee you that once you realize you have the power over your choices, this will be life transforming for you.


Take care and practice making of choices!





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