Make Pressure Your Best Friend

19/02/2014 22:57

We all face pressure at workplace. Pressure is inevitable and this piece won’t be guidance how to avoid it. In fact we gotta learn how to accept it, deal with it and in the end get the best out of the pressure we are facing. Your pressure have to be your best friend!


Let’s start with basics. Why we actually feel pressed at our workplaces? Feeling of pressure usually appears when there is a piece of work we tremendously care about. You may deep inside feel it is good for your career, for your self-development…Or maybe you don’t care about this stuff at all, but your boss does and you simply you wanna be praised and successful.


Whatever reasons you have, in the end you are worried about one and only thing – failure! Nobody likes to fail. The more competitive your working environment is, the more pressed you will feel. The more important your project is to you, the bigger pressure will affect you.


It is absolutely natural to feel pressed. To be honest, if you have never ever felt pressed, you are probably an ignorant who does not care about anything and anybody, including your own life and career. Pressure is human feeling and is necessary. It is your personal alarm which brushes your ego and keeps you on the ground. The issue is when your pressure makes you impotent and you lose your battle with stress.


To be unable to perform your duties because of stress is not sth you wanna manifest. Here are 3 tips how you can boost your performance and get the best out of your pressure:


1) Switch your thinking

Do not build your confidence around the successful conclusion of your project. Project may fail because of unforeseen factors which are not under your control. If the wishful positive outcome doesn’t happen in the end, you will not only feel enormous pressure, but you will probably collapse once the project fails. Instead, try to switch your thinking. Build your confidence around successful learning on the job. You will still feel pressure reminding you the importance of your added value. But whether your project fails or succeeds, you will always direct all energy into a positive outcome – learning and self-development.


2) Reserve time for yourself

Success in your career is important. But you won’t reach it unless you learn how to relax. Reserve some regular time for yourself and put your energy in whatever activity you find fun. I like to go to gym and leave all my negative energy on treadmill. I enjoy being artistic; I draw and paint. Whether I feel stressed on the job or not, the final outcomes of my activities make me always feel successful and relieved (which makes me stronger when I have to face some pressure).


3) Share your thoughts and concerns with others

If you are really nervous about your current work, you may like to speak to somebody and release your concerns. Talk to your boss, co-worker, coach, your mum or a trusted friend. Share your concerns to move on, to modify your view points. The pressure only becomes bigger if it stays closed inside of you. Once you learn how to share it, you will be able to turn it into learning experience.


Remember it is natural to feel stressed and do mistakes in such state of mind. We learn from each experience, so don’t be too harsh on yourself and do step forward with each of them ;-).





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