Nail that Psycho Testing

31/01/2015 15:03

I had a very recent experience with psychological online testing and I felt an urgent need to write a few lines about it. Psychological testing may seem like an easy part of the interview process. However, if you are not prepared, it can well prevent you from going forward in the selection process.


I would like to make myself clear. I’m people person and I prefer personal touch and motivational interviewing to any psychological/IQ testing. If there is a necessity for such procedure, it should never in my opinion be the decisive factor, it should only serve as a guidance (sspecially if you already saw the candidate in person, they had proven records of essential skills and abilities for the role and you liked them). I simply prefer giving a chance to a person who has a good motivation and is eager and able to learn quickly, than a candidate with an excellent IQ score and numerical abilities who has no motivation for the role whatsoever.


Anyway, in most of cases testing is rather part of a pre-screening. If you don’t pass it, you will never make it to a personal meeting. Therefore, be ready for this exercise. Here are my tips for your successful experience with a psychological testing:


Time Pressure

Most of IQ, verbal and numerical tests have a time limit for each question. The limit will feel unrealistic, so be ready to feel the pressure. I recommend you to have a stopwatch in front of you. In my experience the time limit is in online tests visible on the top of each page. When you are dealing with a task, for example a text, and you are scrolling down to read it through, you lose the visibility of your time limit. You can then have an unpleasant surprise when you finish your text that your time limit has passed.

Tools and Stationery

Have a note pad and a functional pen (have a few of them to be on a save side). For numerical tests, and sometimes for IQ tests where you have a sequence of numbers, you will need a good calculator. And here I mean it. Don’t use your laptop calculator, have a decent calculator which can do more than sum and subtract. Believe me, some tests will test very advanced numerical skills.  

Environment and Timing

Make sure you are at a quiet comfortable place and nobody disturbs you (switch off your phone). Also plan the time according to your preference; e.g. if you are a morning person, you won’t finish with the best results if you complete the test in late night hours. The organization requesting you to pass the test should give you enough time for it, so never feel pressed and reserve for your testing the best environment and timing.


You may be asked to fill in the test in the language which is not your mother tongue. Although you can be quite advanced in your foreign language, remember logical tests have a special kind of vocabulary which you may not master. Therefore, if you have no choice of language, try to find some example tests online and practice.

Practice Online Tests

We frequently miss practice. This is because we look at this kind of testing as something regular. We forget it actually can be trained; more, it should be trained! Online test is a wholly different experience comparing to a paper version of the same test; at least it is for me. My brain works a lot with visualization and visual memory. When I perform any numerical or logical task or when I read through a text, I need to highlight, underline, draw and write into the text or picture to help my brain to understand the sequence or remember the main points from the text. Otherwise I have a huge difficulty to finish the test. In my case, the success in online testing drops down by 50-60% just because I can’t use my visual ability. If you are like me, you need to train online testing more to teach your brain work differently. Online testing will be still hard for you, but if nothing you will boost your confidence, because you will know you did everything you could to prepare. This solely will increase your score by a few points.


Well…psychological (online) testing will never be my favorite, but at least I could have passed you some tips from my experience. I hope you will score well!




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