Persist. You Will Reach Your Trophy Soon!

07/06/2015 19:47

You know I tend to get inspired by athletes. Frequently their achievements are linked to some out of box thinking. They subscribe to a new trainer and learn how to do things differently. They challenge themselves and train more than others. There is one important quality those inspiring athletes have in common – persistence. Let me speak about one persistent young lady – Lucie Safarova.


Lucie is 28 years old Czech Professional Tennis Player. Yesterday she played her first Grand Slam finals at Roland Garros. Although she could not beat her opponent, magnificent Serena Williams, she played her biggest match in life. When accepting her runner-up trophy from a Czech tennis legend Martina Navratilova, she received from her this inspirational thought: ‘Persist. You will reach your trophy soon!’ What a great motivational sentence and so true for Lucie’s journey. She absolutely proved her point on the second day when she won French Open finals in ladies doubles.


So why am I amazed by Lucie’s achievement? Because she did not give up and was persistent. She also worked damn hard. Imagine: At 28 many tennis players have already lived through the top moments of their tennis careers and they either remained on top (e.g. Serena) or start going down. Lucie found her top form indeed a bit later comparing to others. But who cares how old are you when you finally make it to the top 10 of WTA Rankings.


I want us to take an example from Lucie’s career move:


  1. Be persistent and don't give up.

  2. Practice and improve your skills by doing things differently. Train harder.

  3. If you want something badly, just go for it, no excuses. Soon you will get your trophy.





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