Social Networking – Keep It Strictly Functional!

29/07/2013 22:05

Today I would like to hit the topic of social networking. They say – use social networks, it will make you visible and help you to get the job! You know I don’t like these straight forward statements about particular actions or behaviors which will ‘open you many doors’ or ‘secure you the job’. Usage of social networks can certainly help job seekers in their job hunting. But it ain’t helpful if you don’t know how to use it.


To put it short, each social network is only useful if you use it functionally! Please make sure you follow this initial advice whenever you spend your time social networking. Let’s be honest: How much time have you spent recently browsing your connections on social networks without any particular aim? Admit you do it only out of boredom and there is no functional approach whatsoever behind this habit. Here any social network web site can turn into waste of your time and can even damage your image in front of respective recruiters, if you don’t develop a skill in social networking.


Don’t freak out, the skill I’m talking about is not complex and consists of a few very simple steps you need to take. Most of you are already masters of such behaviors, so it will be a piece of cake for you to put these into practice.


  1. Decide what you wanna show on your profile and importantly what you want others to remember about you. Keep on mind that you are not obliged to expose yourself in front of employers. You are directing your job hunting and personal branding and therefore, you can choose what part of you experience, knowledge, education, skills etc. will be presented to others.


  1. Be consistent and clear. If you are present on more networks, send out exactly the same information. You may change the format, but don’t change the content. If you do so, this will be confusing for recruiters when they reach all of your profiles.


  1. Be active. Simple listing of information will not make you visible. Join focus groups that might be related to your dream job and comment in discussions. Create own discussions or groups, post recommendations for interesting articles related to your field of interest. This will create an effective personal branding and attract more employers to your profile.


  1. Get connected with insiders who will help you to understand organizational values and recent developments. The knowledge of these will give you a huge advantage during the interview process.


Last word. We have another form of CV playing nowadays the major role for recruiters – so called ’Google CV’. Anything about you can be easily googled and social networks are the best source of such information. Therefore, not only actions you take on social networks towards getting the job matter. Any action you take on social network matters! Things like badmouthing of your colleagues, your university or any former employers, displaying of stupid comments and pictures exposing your private life can seriously damage your profile. Have this on mind before you post a silly comment or your latest drunken photo there. Your future career is in your hands.





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