Video Message - Trust the Process

31/05/2014 14:18

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Hi folks,


I hope you are all well. I had amazing two last weeks. I did two live events, one with students at Charles University, one with interns from company I work for. This was really inspiring and gave me some new ideas about what bothers you and how can I help you.


I really enjoyed my business trip in Germany. I met some interesting people from my company and did a lot of networking. Then I moved to Budapest for my university alumni reunion. Again, I did a lot of networking and got some new impulses to work on my blog. My friends from Budapest were awesome – Ioana, Casey, Adam, Dragan, Adri, staff from Central European University (Janka, Zsolt, Natalia, Cristina, Serge, Judit, Sylvia, Michael) – you guys energized me, thank you very much, you can count on me that I will always come back to Budapest to have this energy exchange with you.


Today I would like to pick up two topics that came out during my coaching session with interns. One was about wanting everything too quickly, second was about trusting yourself and making decision about your career. First is about being impatient, second is more about being scared of the outcomes of our decision; of what comes next.


In both cases you need to follow one of my favorite guidelines – Trust the Process. I know it can be scary thing not knowing what consequences our decision will have and where exactly it will lead us. And I know you would love to have some assurance that everything will be alright. But everything must be alright if you listened to your guts and make decisions which are adult; if you did some research before and went through all options.


Also, I know there are many choices and you would like to do everything. Young people frequently like to change their roles. But being adult about decision making involves choosing that one option and sticking with it for a while. You may review it regularly and if it doesn’t work for you, fair enough. But don’t jump from one role to another, just because some task at work did not go well and you feel like ‘Wow, there are some many other things I want to do, I just try another role…’. It won’t do any good to your career and to your resumé.


You won’t get everything at once, there is supposed to be a process of learning. In the end the whole journey will make sense and dots will get connected. So relax, take it easy and trust the process!