Video Message: 2014 – Thanks for Being Harsh to Me

07/01/2015 19:18

Here is my newest video message:


Hi Folks,


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break, you had rest and now are ready to roll in 2015!


Last year I did a summary video on 2013, saying how great the year was for me and giving you that very nice advice about how you should be the very best version of yourself in 2014. Today I would like to do something similar.


2014 started with some nice plans and promises for me, but it turned out to be one of the harshest years I ever had. And interestingly it was quite the same for many people around me. A few of my friends kept telling how harsh that year was. We had to deal with some difficult life situations, financial troubles, relationship issues or career changes (oh, tell me about it, totally my case). So a lot of us were literally praying for the end of 2014.


Well here is the thing about harsh years – they teach us some good lessons and inevitably get us out of our comfort zones. They made us realize we are just human beings with own limits. Let’s take an example from sports. Sports is the field where you can clearly see how one sportsman is doing really well one year, but another season he or she ends up injured and the year is total disaster.


I would like to speak about one Czech female athlete, her name is Zuzana Hejnova. Her discipline is 400 m hurdles. So very though discipline – the longest sprint and hurdles in addition. I can’t imagine competing in such sport. And Zuzana is really one of those people who got where she is with continuous hard work.


So 2013 was her season. She finally won! She won the World Championship and I think she even won the Diamond League; so several races in a row. She received awards for her achievements in the Czech Republic and also all around the world. She was very happy for her success.


2014 was in total contrast. She ended up injured and lost the entire year. She came back only in the end of the season, but not at her best obviously. I saw the interview with her the last week and she amazed me with her attitude. She was saying that she had never been injured in her entire career; it came unexpected and she did not know how to deal with it. But she said she was glad it happened now! It is two years to Olympics, one year to another World Championship, she just lost the European Championship. That’s it. Worse things could happen.


So the important message she got out of this was that her body told her where are its limits. She did not know how to deal with injuries, but now she knows – just before all the important events are going to happen in the upcoming years.


I this is how I want us to look at 2014 in case it was a really harsh year for you – the year that thought us important lessons thanks to which we are ready for challenges of 2015. So thanks 2014 for being harsh to me; 2015, I’m ready for you…stronger!


Take care,


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