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27/12/2013 13:05

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Hello Everybody!


I have not done any video for you for a very long time. And I think now is exactly the right time to do so, since we are approaching the end of this year. This is the time when I like to reflect on what happened to me and the people who are the closest to my heart.


I must say I had a wonderful year. I moved on in my career and gained more confidence in the field I work in. I set up Petra on Wire which is something I wanted to do for very long time. I’m happy it works for you and thank you very much for all your kind feedback; I feel I’m becoming a real career coach for you. I also started a lot of new activities in my personal life which enrich me and I have built wholly new life style around it. What a great year!


On the other hand, I must say this has been probably also the toughest year I have ever had. I had to face many challenges and sometimes I had to kick myself in order to keep the right track and not to lose the confidence in being the best version of myself. This is a hard thing to do, but in my view this is the only way how you can achieve your goals and be true to yourself.


Being the best version of yourself is our ultimate choice, unfortunately it is not always the choice we are taking.  Sometimes we are choosing a worse version of ourselves, sometimes we are moving from one corner to another, dependent on the situation we face, dependent on the level of our confidence.


Sometimes we have this tendency to cheat and this is really not compatible with being the best version of yourself. But we are still choosing this option because it is the easiest way which comforts us. And it works! It allows us to stay inside of our comfort zone, but it also means we are settling for less.


In your career and job hunting efforts it can mean for example that you are choosing the easier career, but not necessarily a job you are happy about – your dream job. Or it can mean you are choosing to leave your job when a challenge occurs. Instead of accepting it, you decide to run away. I have seen this year many of my friends chose these easy escapes and cheated on their career goals. It always makes me sad because all of them are amazing human beings with a great potential, they just did not find enough strength to be the best version of themselves.


Therefore, I wish you in 2014 find enough strength to become the best version of yourself, that you challenge yourself to the highest level and stay positive!


And remember that in any case, I’ll be on wire for you!




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