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19/01/2014 12:44

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Hello Everybody!


Welcome to 2014! I hope you have entered the New Year with style and you are already working on being the best version of yourself! Today I would like to follow up a bit on my last video message, where I was speaking about the importance of my newly adhered lifestyle.


I find it very important – it is something like your personal anchor. If your lifestyle comforts and supports your self-development, it can be much easier for you to enjoy even a job which is not completely fulfilling at the moment, or it can help to overcome some sudden career struggles. Conversely, if your life style sucks, believe me it will affect your job performance. You may even be very close to your dream job, but if you are not satisfied with yourself and your life style, trust me you won’t be fully able to use this opportunity. Life style is important.


It takes time to find the right life style for yourself and it requires you stepping out of comfort zone and try new things. During last year I developed my new life style based on healthy life – my diet, sports, relaxation time, positive thinking. I started bunch of new sport activities, one of them were martial arts. I always wanted to do martial arts, but I was hesitating staying in my comfort zone saying to myself – Petra this is not for you, this is for though girls, you will get embarrassed, it will be awkward.


To put this short, I had bunch of different excuses and then I met my master who convinced me that this is definitely for me. It was more about finding the right type martial art which is based on self-defense and yoga practice. In the end it was my decision, to step out of comfort zone, start this new activity and fulfill my dream. Not only it helps me to stay fit, it brings balance into my life and it makes me feel good about myself because I’m successful in it, learning sth new. It is now my favorite topic for discussion which attracted new network of people into my life. All this makes me feel so good, that it helps me to overcome any career struggles. It is my anchor, which keeps me safely on the ground.


Finding your personal anchor is not an easy process. Sometimes you really have to try several new things to find out what suits you. In any case there is no other way how to find out – step out of your comfort zone and try new stuff. Tell me about it? What is your personal anchor? Was it difficult for you to find it? Are you still hesitating about trying new stuff? Tell me and remember if you need advice, I’m on wire for you and will be happy to guide you in your career development.


Take care!


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