Video Message – Get Inspired by Michal!

27/07/2014 17:37

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I had a different plan for today. I had one wonderful topic on my mind, but we speak about that another time. Today I would like to speak about one of my teenage pop idols.


His name is Michal Hruza and he used to be a leader singer of one Czech group. He left the band at one point and became a popular song writer and musician. We met each other a couple of times and there has been always this mutual respect between the two of us. Michal told me so once himself.


During past 10 years I noticed how Michal has grown into a unique self aware musician, a great performer and influencer on the Czech music scene. And it all started with him being kicked out of his band. The band he set up himself!


Imagine such situation: You start your own business and then they fire you. Steve Jobs would tell us a story about that, if he was still alive, as this is what happened to him in Apple. Many of us would break down under such circumstances. Michal (and I remember that well) said: OK, fair enough. He approached a couple of musicians he knew and set up a new band.


His music has never been better. He started to be involved in some new projects like song writing for pop idols and for TV series; his music also appeared in movies and he was repeatedly invited to some talk shows as one of the best current Czech song writers.


So, as a career developer, Michal could share with us some experience in how to face challenges, take on different life opportunities, be successful in networking and get yourself surrounded with great positive people. And much much more…


I’m speaking about all of this for a reason. Michal was unfortunately as we say at the wrong place at the wrong time. Last week he got into fight and is now lying in the hospital unconsciousness with a possible brain damage. It is very unpredictable what can happen, but let’s hope for a positive outcome. I know Michal has a family – a wife and two small kids, one just a couple of months old. I wished them a lot of mental strength and I hope somebody is supporting them in this difficult time.


Michal, I think you are a great musician and I hope you will write more songs for us. You are very inspirational person and you impacted me a lot since my teenage hood. So getter better soon, we will be waiting for your new songs.


Take care everybody!