What Is Your Word?

23/08/2013 11:23

I’ve been reading that book lately, maybe you know the movie – Eat Pray Love by Elisabeth Gilbert. It is a very promising book about personal mission of a recently divorced woman. The book definitely does not turn out as romantic and full of selfish perception as the movie does. It is rather a philosophical quest about finding own journey in your life. Finding your dream job is inevitable part of this journey, thus I would like to make some point here.


As you may know from the movie, Liz is travelling in Italy (Rome), India and finally arrives to Bali in Indonesia, where she finds her fulfillment. Needless to say that the book tells a personal story of the writer and apart from changes in names it truly reflects somebody’s own experience, which makes its message even more powerful.


There are a couple of messages in the book which may be important for your self-coaching, but I would like to speak about the one which appears in the part dedicated to Rome. I have visited Rome recently and regardless of its ancient history I must say that Rome is definitely not my city. Me and Rome simply did not get connected. In the book Liz also concludes she would not be able to live there for a longer period. Her friend Giovanni develops this idea that each city has its own WORD and it really matters what is your own word if you wanna be happy living there. Turns out that Liz’s word and the word for Rome do not match and shortly she leaves for India to spend some time meditating in Ashram. She spends some time thinking about words for her home town New York and other American cities and this inspired me for this article.


What is your word? It can be a noun or a verb or an adjective or an expression described in 2-3 words. It may be changeable but it is essential for you to be aware of your own word before you start your job hunting. Each organization you apply to can be described in a word or a couple of words which define organizational values. People working there have their own words, ideally matching the company words. And finally the city or urban area where the organization is placed has own word as well. This is important, because sometimes you find a great job in a great organization just matching your values, but later you realize that the office or the work scope is placed in the area where you are not able to live. You ain’t happy there and you don’t know why, because you actually love your job! It is because your word and the word of the city or area are not matching.


Job is never just a job. When making your selection you really have to consider bunch of things that will play the role. Would you be happy working in this company and with its people? Would you be happy to live in this part of the world? Would you get used to the habits of people living there? Would you like the culture of the city and the food and the traffic and the speed of living… Therefore, think of your WORD before making important decisions, it may prevent you from taking on opportunities which on the first sight look just fantastic but which will later turn out as the worst choices you have ever made.




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