5 Things Young Professionals Should Learn from Formula 1 Drivers

12/12/2013 20:06

This time I chose a bit unconventional topic. It is related to one of my biggest passions – Formula 1. I have been always fascinated by the world of F1. By its speed, complexity, logistics and strategies which surrounds it, and mainly by the pressure drivers have to handle. There is only place for top performers in F1. If you are not focused, if you don’t work hard, if you are not a good team player…you lose! And precisely because of that I think young professionals and job seekers can learn a lot from F1 drivers.


  1. Absolute dedication to the cause

Without absolute dedication to the cause, F1 drivers would not be able to finish their everyday job. F1 is a world driven by complex strategies and politics. And it is quick. There is no space for drivers who are just 99 % focused. You have to be absolutely focused to be able to keep up with your ‘co-workers’. This is not to say that you have to give up your personal life and hobbies. Drivers dedicate a big portion of their time to relaxation and expensive activities. This is just to say that when they are at work, they race and they are absolutely dedicated to that race – do all the preparations, trainings, spend time with their team…they do what they are paid for. If you are not dedicated to your current job and don’t feel loyal, then think why is that happening and how you can improve it. Leave, if there is no way you can handle your current role with a decent loyalty.

  1. Team work

No Formula 1 driver is racing just for themselves. There is always a team behind them. In order to win, F1 champion has to cooperate well with the team. Michael Schumacher was very well known for his attitude towards mechanics. He would spend a lot of time with them, truly understood their work and was able to tell them how to set up his car which made him the biggest champion in F1 history. Knowing your team well and be loyal to that team is a skill which will make you a career champion. Nobody is alone in their career path. Working in isolation can only place you in a very disadvantageous position. There is always bunch of other people who are inspiring co-workers and can lift you up to higher levels. Be good team player and create your personal networks. This will open you multiple career opportunities and challenges.

  1. Motivation

F1 drivers love what they do! No exception. And this is what is the base of their motivation. They feel passionate about their work. If you don’t love what you do (or at least like it), it is time to change your job. If your organization is perhaps going through a difficult situation which makes you frustrated, try to look at it from a different angle. Take it as your personal challenge and an opportunity to learn. You can always benefit from any difficult challenge and truly love what you are doing at the moment. Just try not to always look for the easy escape and get some new learning on the job.

  1. Work on self-development

The competition in F1 is though. If you don’t work on yourself continuously, it may easily happen to you, you won’t have a car to race in the next season. Self-development is a question of survival. Interestingly, many people do not care too much about their self-development unless somebody tells them or unless they fear they might lose their job. What if you felt this constant fear? Would you work on your self-development much more? Most probably yes. Imagine then you are a racing driver and everyday can be your last in your job. Focus strictly on your development and impact your co-workers with this attitude. There is nothing better than having a peer group and continuously encourage each other.

  1. Keep yourself fit

F1 drivers have to keep themselves fit from two perspectives: physically and in terms of technical knowledge. Physically they have to be capable driving under extreme conditions (high G-force, stress, close to death feeling). But they also have to know their field well – understand technicalities, data, basics of physics etc. In other words, they have to have expertise in F1 driving without which they would not be able to perform their job. People who keep themselves ultimately fit in the same way as F1 drivers do, are the top performers and experts in their job.


Now use this F1 driver metaphor and see how you can benefit from their example. Imagine you are F1 driver when you are at work and see if you can improve some of your everyday habits.


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