Why Your Attitude is Everything?

05/05/2013 14:17

Recruiters aim to access diverse information about the candidate: Does that person have capabilities to do the job? Will they be good at the job and fit the team and the company culture? Will they be actually enjoying the job? These are aspects that bother them the most and they want to screen you out in order to get missing answers. But regardless what recruiters access, in the end, all chances can be seriously threatened by one and only aspect: Your attitude!


Let’s start from the basics. What is actually an attitude? Typical definitions speak about personal views or beliefs, a settled way of thinking or feeling which is reflected in person’s behavior. Type ‘attitude’ into Google and you will find a few of these characteristics.


Now, being a recruiter, why would I really care what are your beliefs, feelings, or way of thinking?


Well, first of all, just give it a thought and imagine how many applicants a recruiter can possibly have for one position. Sometimes many…too many! Even after the first shortlisting exercise, recruiters remain with quite a few well qualified candidates who would have a similar resume and a similar level of performance during the initial interview. Tough luck! Hence, recruiters have to find something which will make up their mind. Attitude is clearly a feature which will put a different light on each of the candidates. And it is very easily accessible.


Second, attitude is really everything. Imagine you are in employer’s shoes and the accessed person keeps moaning about every single aspect of their life or blames others for their mistakes and bad results. Can you afford employing that candidate and make them essential part of your well established team? Ehm, if you are clever, this is not what you would like to do…


To be more specific, let me list you a few examples of how recruiters can easily access a bad (negative) attitude.

  1. Imagine you come to an interview and during the first interaction with your future employer you just say: “Argh…what an awful journey I had! I got totally lost and could not find your site. I’m truly glad I’m finally here.” Well, you may think it does no matter, because this is not part of the interview anyway. Actually, these ‘small talks’ while you walk to the interview room, can have destructive consequences on your chances to get hired.
  2. Let’s speak about badmouthing. Whether you badmouth your former employer, because they were doing this and that and not letting you to do this and that, or your co-workers by blaming them for actual failure on that common project, or your partner for not being supportive enough in your career development, badmouthing will always show you in a bad light. Speaking badly about somebody or some past event that occurred to you is simply a sign of weakness and a really bad attitude. Remember in every situation there are always two sides of the coin and as a prospective employee you shall be fully aware of them. Don’t portray yourself as a victim, nobody wants a moaner in the team!
  3. Now…how would you answer this simple question? “How did you get to know about this vacancy?” Watch out when you are asked such easy questions, since the person requesting the answer is accessing your attitude. Such questions are part of a traditional way of interviewing and may be tricky, because you logically follow with a simple answer like: “Well I have just seen the advert on internet and found it interesting, so I thought I would give it a try and applied.” Boring! If you wanna shine and get the job, use this open question and answer it in your unique way; for example: “I gladly came across the advert on your job board, because I have been looking for similar openings during past few weeks. Since I believe I do have entrepreneurial mind and experience from your sector, which you are clearly looking for, I decided, I would like to take part in the selection process.” The first answer shows you have actually no deep interest whatsoever in the advertised position. The latter however says there is not only a clear interest from your side, but you also remember what you are applying for (meaning you are not just giving it a try, but you can actually see yourself working for this organization). This is the attitude I wanna see as your future employer!
  4. And lastly, recruiters frequently use so called behavioral interviews. This new way of interviewing serves them to access your behavioral patterns, which say a lot about your attitude in different situations in the past. The logic is that if the recruiter accesses your behavior in the past, they will learn a lot about how you will behave in future (when performing the advertised role). The questions are a bit more detailed and specific and typically start like: “Give me an example of…” or “Can you tell me how did you solve…” or “Describe a decision you made…” or “What do you do if…” or “Have you ever handled…” Watch out when speaking about negative experience like conflict resolution. If you start and end your story badmouthing, you already know where this will lead.


Remember, attitude can be very decisive characteristics during candidates’ assessment; much more than most of young people would think. To be honest, a lack of work experience is not the biggest drawback for recruiters when they access recent graduates. Experience will not necessarily win you the job (at least not in case of the entry roles young people can apply for). Certain knowledge or skills can be adhered on the job; employers count with that process. Why do you think there are millions of young people being hired every year all around the globe even though they have a very limited work experience? Have you noticed that this average kid you’ve known from college got a great well paid job in a very short time? This is no coincidence or luck. There is a reason behind it – the kid just showed their best attitudes in every aspect of their self-presentation. Ain’t not fair? Well…time to change your attitude at first!


Good luck and trust the process!

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